Kaizen Golf was started during the worldwide pandemic. The world has changed & we have adapted. Golf is now a power game & people want to hit the ball farther.


Technology in golf is starting to catch up . Players are measuring all aspects of their performance and using it to improve . The tech was disparate & unconnected . You would need 7 apps to get the information, the elite tech was unaffordable to the common golfer & young pro’s alike.


Players are getting & staying stronger & more flexible. Before we were generally out performing those who were not as fit. 50 year olds going to the gym everyday were telling us they were shooting 72, 73- these are tangible benefits to those keeping fit, recovering quickly & eating healthily.


You no longer need 1 golf teacher to help you improve. You need various coaches who takes data from multiple specialists..... The mental coach, the mechanics coach, the statistical coach & the physical conditioning coach.


The days of the simple golf lesson have gone & players want access to tech & statistics.


We found the best technology, consolidated it & have made it available while still affordable to the normal golfer. Providing a measurable process of improvement over time. Players will see tangible results.


We reached out to the leading technology providers & The Kaizen Golf journey began.......