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Kaizen Golf was started during the worldwide pandemic. The world has changed and we have adapted . Golf is now a power game and people want to hit the ball farther.


Technology in golf is starting to catch up . Players are measuring all aspects of their performance and using it to improve . The tech was disparate and unconnected . You would need 7 apps to get the information and the elite tech was unaffordable to the common golfer and young pro’s alike.


Jeff Ogden

Mark Thompson

Jeff Ogden grew up with the Lickey Hills Golf course within in a stones throw, he spent his youth caddying and playing golf there.

A 35 year career in Software & Software sales followed. The last being the VP of an international Cyber Security company in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.


Jeff’s passion for golf & teaching golf has never left him.

Jeff qualified as an EGTF teacher in 1999.

His further accomplishments include:

  • Titleist Performance Institute certifications (TPI) Level 1

  • Junior level 2 (J2) in 2017

  • Golf 2 (G2) and Golf 3 (G3) in China in 2019 

  • Certified with Swing Catalyst force plate Level 1, Flightscope X3

  • Mind Factor certification course with Karl Morris looking at Mindfulness in golf & alternative ways to coach performance.

  • Certified in Focus Band technology used to optimise the mind during Golf.

Jeff is now dedicated to providing & analysing golf data & statistics for the benefit of individuals, with the aim of life long improvement for professional & amateur players alike.

Marks passion for golf started at the age of 23 in South Africa. His cousin- a professional at the time, was Marks first mentor. He learnt by mirroring his swing, and golf became his solace and escape. With a first official handicap of 12, he got hooked and is now a consistent scratch golfer. 


Mark has 14 years of experience in the Middle East in 3 large print & document management companies. This provided Mark with knowledge of cluttered data, & the challenge the world has of tidying it up. Mark became passionate about making this data easily accessible, searchable, and readable all in one place. 


The same can be applied to golf. 


From ball, swing & scoring data to force data, shot data is scattered. It is Marks passionate interest to not only give amateurs & young professionals the ability to get this kind of data at an affordable price, but to also bring this together in an easy to access format for golfers and coaches. The goal is to make teaching and game improvement more enjoyable and efficient for us all.